Virginia Hereford Association
Bull Development Program
"Virginia's Finest" 
Why a Bull Development Program?

     The primary responsibility for maintaining and improving the traits associated with efficient cattle production lies in the hands of the seedstock producers.  Genetic change in the commercial beef cattle population is controlled by the genetic merit of bulls produced by the seedstock producer and used by the Commercial Cattleman.

     A Bull Development Program goes beyond EPD's.  It performance tests the bulls to help define the individual bulls genetic potential, to minimize the risk for the Commercial Cattleman when selecting a bull for their herd.

     Selecting a quality bull is critical for the Commercial Cattleman.  The bull represents 50% of the genetic value of their calf crop and has greater importance if any of the progeny are to be retained for replacements.

     At Deer Track Farm we just don't have bulls to sell.  We focus on making Quality Bulls to sell to the Commercial Cattleman!  We use all the industry tools available to produce bulls, have management practices in place to grow healthy bulls and Performance Test to evaluate the Quality of the bulls we produce.  We are quick to cull and hard to satisfy when it comes to the Quality of our bulls.

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Please view the Virginia Hereford Associations Bull Development Programs Video.  Bulls are Performance Tested to meet Quality Standards set by VDACS "Virginia's Finest" Program.